It’s funny that people still ask this question – isn’t it the most commonly known thing in the world? Are people still really asking how to lose weight?

Ok, I’ll bite –

Eat less.
Move more.
Conversation is over!

But therein lies the mystery of what I do for a living, teaching people how to lose weight.

Where there is some simplicity – there is a ton of confusion and conflicting information.

Eat 3 meals a day or 5 , or 10 – or just stop eating and just drink juice with cayenne pepper (have you heard of this craziness??).

Eat carb free or only carbs or fat matters or calories matter.. yikes! It is enough to drive a sane person mad!

So I will share my how to lose weight secrets…

RULE #1ba_slider-rev-300x168

Stop listening to ANYONE about what is right for your body. Only you know – and if you think you don’t know you have just forgotten how to listen.
You shouldn’t have bloating, fatigue, gas, lethargy, your skin shouldn’t be dull, bathroom time shouldn’t be like a war zone, you shouldn’t have acid reflux – if you are listening to your body and what it likes and dislikes you can avoid most digestive issues. So if you have any of these start paying attention to what causes them and stop eating that food.

My second rule on how to lose weight is:

RULE #2: Cleanse
Once you stop eating the foods that irritate your stomach and digestive system it’s time to reset your body so it remembers how to lose weight. Cleanse time! Follow a doctors orders here and buy a reputable cleanse or do it yourself. Ton’s of info online for this – my personal fave is a 1-3 day juice only cleanse followed by a week of the elimination diet – you will never go back to your old ways of eating again you will be feeling so good!

My third rule on how to lose weight is:

RULE #3: Exercise A Ton
Find exercise you love and do it a lot. How much exercise does your body need to lose weight? My guess is 4-5x a week for an hour for anyone over 35. If you think you hate exercise I would say you need to change your tune and instead think that maybe you haven’t found your style of exercise with so many choices out there I kinda feel if you are saying you hate exercise you just aren’t really trying to find one you like. If you want to like it – you can, just look for things you like about it – instead of focusing on what you dislike. It’s not up to exercise to please you – it’s up to you to decide you want to like it and committing to that journey.

So there are my 3 quick tips for how to lose weight!