I gotta be honest – I have been hibernating too this winter – I am getting excited for sunshine and shorts!  So if you have been saying every year that you will get in shape and then not following through  – you need this challenge.  Introducing the Bikini Challenge 2017!

Introducing the new generation of Fitness Challenges at Equilibria:

  • Unlimited access to over 30+ classes at all times of the day   SEE SCHEDULE
  • a CUSTOM meal plan
  • weekly email motivation
  • trainers that know you and are always available for your questions
  • AND your very own FitCoach dedicated to your success!

Your personal fitness coach (Fit Coach) will plan your 6 week of workouts with you, using a new software called Trainerize we  can double check you are getting to all your classes, assign a custom meal plan to you (or similar goal) and using our new platform we are able to chat directly with you (super simple if you can text you can use this) to solve any issue you may come across as well as multiple check ins a week to make sure you are adhering to your plan.

To summarize your Fit COACH will:

  • create your custom meal plan
  • personalized workout planning
  • 24/7 messaging to and from your coach
  • We can see your food tracking in real time
  • We can track your class attendance
  • We will come to your house and find you if you miss class (ok we won’t do that but you get the picture)

We are your best friends. Or maybe your worst nightmare. Either way you want to look at it we have just more than tripled your chances of success.

This kind of one on one coaching goes for upwards of hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month (believe me I looked) and you get it included for no charge.

It’s time to take your body out of hibernation and back to the gym.

So I hope you are feeling excited – because I sure am! Introducing the NEW AND IMPROVED  Bikini Challenge 2017!
I am sure this is going to be epic – so don’t miss out! Our challenges ALWAYS SELL OUT.The DEETS
Bikini 6 Week Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge

10 Women ONLY— Only 3 spots left!
March 27th- May 6th
GRAND PRIZE: 3 month FULL ACCESS Membership worth $600
Cost.. the value of this challenge is way over $500 do don’t wait! I hate getting emails from people hoping they can still get in after they waited to decide only for it to sell out. We make no exceptions – once we have 10 we can take no more.

**Please shop mindfully: check your schedules, arrange child care as we do not offer refunds for any reason for challenges. Life is full of choices – we hold you to your choice to put yourself and your fitness first.**

LAST CHANCE for Early Bird Pricing! Price goes up at midnight tonight!
EARLY BIRD:  $249 + tax
Now with 2 Payments! One now, one half way through.
6AM ONLY: $179+ tax (access to only 6am classes)


  • 2 FITNESS PROGRAMS FOR HOME USE (We have written 2 full body workouts for you to use! $350 value)
  • SAVE $100 off the price

Questions call 778-881-8746