Listen I get it you have tried to lose weight before..

And very possibly have tried so many times you’ve lost count. And, no – you are not flawed or lazy or whatever you believe about yourself because you are a overweight and out of shape. You are just busy and there is a ton of competition for your time. Think: family and work!
It’s so hard to see your husband stop drinking pop and lose 7lbs in a week or your 22 year old niece go to the gym one time and lose 3 inches. No matter what you try to do the scale doesn’t budge – it’s disappointing. Our Fat Furnace Challenge is the start of your success story, it’s the JumpStart your body needs to return to fit and fabulous. I promise you – if you have trouble losing weight and keeping it off you need to join our challenge we guarantee your results.

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  • Start losing fat and inches right away – the average loss in 2 weeks is 4lbs and 2 inches around the waist.
  • Challenge yourself to 14 Days of classes that are designed to maximize fat loss so that women like you with busy lives get the most results in the shortest time.
    Start losing fat and inches right away – the average loss in 2 weeks is 4lbs and 2 inches around the waist.
  • So many classes to chose from that it makes it possible to finally get those workouts in even around your busy schedule.

Real customer feedback – here’s some results from women just like you!


  • 2 Weeks Unlimited Access to our Indoor Women Only Transform Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Body Barre and new TRX suspension trainer classes! ( up to $180 value)
  • 45 minute Goal Setting Appt with a expert trainer to plan your 2 weeks for maximum results ($35 value)
  • Body fat/ Weight and Measure and Before photo appointment with a trainer ($35 value)


Once you click ‘Buy Now’ you will be taken to our sign up page where you will register and pay with credit card. After that one of our representatives will call you within 24h to set up your first session!

headline13Click Here and you will be taken to our payment page. Fill out all the required information to create your account and pay for your challenge and one of our mangers will contact you within 24h (and probably a lot sooner!) to get you started.

You my friend, are a rock star and have already taken the first step – so congratulations!

Thank you,


P.S. You’re about to step into the body you were meant to have and I can’t wait to get you there!