Guaranteed Weight Loss or your Money Back.

I know you have tried a million things to lose weight. Some successful for a while others not so much. It’s frustrating isn’t it? Don’t you just want someone to please tell you what to do to get real weight loss and toning results? I know I sure did. But no one would tell me straight up what it would take – so I decided to create it myself. And this is where EQ Bootcamp was born.

When you are ready.

When you are willing.

We will get you there.

Eq Bootcamp’s signature Fire and Burn  formula is guaranteed to first, melt away pounds at an astonishing rate then sculpt your hard to tone areas like core, hips, arms and thighs.

In these women only group workouts you will maximize results in minimal time.

What is EQ Bootcamp?

EQ Bootcamp is an indoor women-only , all-inclusive exercise program that includes motivation, accountability and results in a friendly light-hearted atmosphere. EQ Bootcamp is designed to stand alone as the only fitness classes program you need to get in and better yet stay in the best shape of your life. Your workouts are professionally designed by expert trainers to cover all the aspects of fitness: core, weight loss and maintenance, strength and toning and flexibility.

We have a few styles of bootcamp – such as EQ Strong and EQ Sweathouse.  Each have their own unique flavour but all are designed to max your results in minimum time.

When you are ready to change your body and life – we are ready to get you there.