tart a Relationship With Your Body

No not that kind of relationship you perverts – actually go ahead- whatever, it’s all good. But the relationship I want to talk about is with your whole body. You see many of us grow up thinking of our body as our enemy – it is never as good looking as we wanted, or it isn’t the right shape or it doesn’t function as well as we think it should.

We treat it like an enemy or worse? We totally ignore it – we don’t try to understand it or learn about it. It’s like it isn’t even there. I think that’s the worst one. It’s like freezing it out.

Sad, really.

So we are always asking our body for something – weight loss, look different, change this change that a little snip here a little snap there. And my idea is this why don’t we just for a change – see what we can give to our bodies and drop all the ‘perform for me’ bullshit. Most of us are like psycho Dance Mom’s towards our bodies.

Try treating your body like a guest – because it kinda is. Give it exercise as a gift. Treat it to a healthy lunch. Give your digestion a break and do a cleanse. Not to lose 85lbs in 2 nights – to do a nice thing for your body.

Exercise as a gift – ‘Here body, I know you like to move and sweat – let’s do that together’ – and then guess what? You know instinctively when you are turning it from a gift into punishment.

Build your relationship – start listening to your body. It tells you so much in a day if you will stop and listen. No, I’m not crazy it doesn’t literally speak to you but it tells you the quality of your digestive system by how gassy and bloaty you get. It tells you how much you hear it by the amount of fat on your midsection. It gives you a big red flashing light by how much energy you have at 3 pm.

All of those things are messages from your body. It needs you attention- start exercising as a gift to it. Move because moving feels better than sitting for the next 30 years in a electric wheelchair. Your body is your responsibility – not in a bad way in a ‘holyshit –what- a -huge -gift’ kinda way.

At our specialty fitness studio in Langley BC – Equilibria this is what type of exercise I am known for bringing – exercise that feels feminine and beautiful that feels good in your body. Where Juan likes that go hard and torch calories – both are valid and effective for building your relationship so start wherever but branch out. Learn to tell the difference between a decision your mind makes that feels good and on your bodies side and a decision that is made to punish and try to get your body to behave a certain way.

And just a little hint – love is always the answer.

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