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What is the 12 Week VIP Personal Training Program?

The 12 Week VIP Personal Training program is a women only, personal training program like no other program out there. Most personal trainers see you for 60min a couple times a week and then send you off on your own to somehow try to adopt a new lifestyle without any support. You may really enjoy the time you are with your trainer, and they may be very good, but it's not enough to see life changing results. Which is why - until now - you have struggled to keep any results you may have managed to get. What we do is not only pair you with a personal trainer for your 3 sessions per week that same trainer is now your personal VIP fitness coach. Your coach will message you daily and keep you accountable to your 12 Week FLEX Nutrition Program and as well the EQ LifeStyle Change program that are both included in the registration fee for the 12 Week VIP Personal Training Program. No more do you have to struggle to navigate the confusing and always changing maze of weight loss and getting fit. You now have an expert partner that will guide you every small step of the way!

What is the 12 Week FLEX Nutrition Program that is included with my registration?

The 12 Week FLEX Nutritional Program is our shining jewel designed through experience working with over 2300+ women. The FLEX program breaks down what it really takes to eat healthy into small manageable weekly changes that are customized to each client. This is no 'meal plan' it is a comprehensive habit and lifestyle change program that gently teaches you how to eat what you love while achieving and most importantly sustaining your weight loss results.

Do I need to be very fit to take this program?

We love beginners! Due to the private nature of the program we are able to customize the program to any level. We know that we were all where you are at one time or another and truly love to be part of your personal journey your fitness level doesn't matter to us.

I'm concerned about COVID - what steps are you taking to keep us safe?

COVID has touched us all. At our studio we have strict policies in place to keep both staff and clients safe. We have gone far above and beyond recommended safety rules to provide you with a very safe studio experience. Our studio is large and we have plenty of room to keep you safe, as well as strict cleaning measures before, during and after each session.

How much is the 12 Week VIP Personal Training Program?

The programs cost will be discussed at your free session/ consult as it depends on a few factors.

I forgot about my appointment, do I really have to wait 6 months to reapply?

Yes. We put time in our busy schedules aside for meeting potential new members and showing up for that appointment shows us you are ready to change. Not showing wastes our time makes you ineligble for our programs for 6 months. We have no problem moving or changing the appointment for you just give us a call or email.

Am I too old for this program?

No! Our clients average age is 45. We have clients from 35 - 65, and everything in between. Don't let your age stop you from achieving a goal that's important to you. Plus waiting longer is no solution.

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