An Open Letter to Womens Health and Fitness Magazines,

I see your point.

Good looks used to sell a lot of magazines, and you are in the magazine selling industry.
So I can see why the thinner and fitter your models can be made with Photoshop is an industry standard.

Who can it possibly be hurting?

After all aren’t your helping people get motivated to exercise more?
You are helping, not hurting.

Except you are kinda wrong.

You are hurting.
You are hurting all of us.
All men, women and children.
Because you are lying to us all.

Children see it and believe that is normal. When it isn’t normal – it’s a lie.
It’s a lie to even the model that you used in your photos. She doesn’t even look like your cover makes her look.

You changed her, you created her to perpetuate your long held belief that you are helping us pursue good health (at best) and let’s be honest to try and sell magazines. Which is fine – that’s what you are in the industry of except it isn’t what is happening. Your images while offering moments of motivation also help us to reject who we are, and what we currently look like by setting the bar unrealistically high.

But there comes a moment in every generation where major wide spread change happens – soon women will be turning the tide on you. We are going to hold you up as either a beacon of change or a misleading hurtful publication. You will either start representing women of this world as we are or we will leave you behind.

I am asking you all to please stop using Photo-shop to change your models and to offer a variety of female shapes in your publications.

Ask yourself if this is really what you want your daughters to see – 1 body barre type celebrated (and computer modified) month after month year after year? Until she decides she isn’t beautiful. And I know, I know, what you are going to say it is up to me to parent my daughter, but it is up to you as well. You, whether you like it or not, are whispering in her ear that she is not the ideal. She needs to change to be beautiful.

It hurts all women, to present one body type again and again as if all of us should try and strive for this fictitious body type.
It’s not just the cramming down our throats of the same freaking image of beautiful (I mean seriously get an imagination) it’s what can be lost – what I lost. I no longer had the ability to see beauty in anyone that wasn’t that 1%. That perfect body. My brain took it all in and made a decision that I was less than. Way less than. And when you have the power to tell a different story – as all magazines do – and you choose to perpetuate potential damaging and absolutely one sided images. You are partly at fault.

I became unable to find beauty in my shape. In others shapes.

What a tragedy.

I lost beauty for over 25 years.

Yet now I am seeing it everywhere in all women of all backgrounds and shapes.

Again, I am asking you all to please stop using Photo-shop to change your models and to offer a variety of female shapes in your publications.

One of you has to be first.

One of you needs to see that the tide is changing.

One of you needs to be brave.

With love,
Most Women